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Times are really tough at the moment for everyone. The toughness varies completely from person to person, situation to situation.

However I know there are so many of you out there that are using or wanting to use this time to do research into different aspects of your big day the you have historically or are newly planning!!!

As my boutique is not reopening until the 11th July I decided to zoom all my appointments so they have met me “virtually” we’ve had a chat about them, their lovely wedding (I love to know all the details!!), how they met their partner and lastly (usually) about the kind of dress they think they’d like. We are all finding this so useful and by the time we have finished we feel like friends and we can not wait for their appointment. It’s been soooo lovely.

I’m having to change things and this is just adding something more special to their experience with me and Treasure Brides. The internet is a fabulous tool to use to find suppliers from stationery to cakes and cars to entertainment and everything in between.

When it comes to finding your wedding dress I truly believe the experience you receive should be an unforgettable and memorable one (for all the right reasons!!)

I’ve been receiving lots of calls and emails and plenty of appointments are being booked. I know many of you are desperate to find your gown, some due to the fact you’re getting married later this year (fingers crossed) but for others, it’s something important you want to tick off your list.

Due to Covid I think shopping for a gown will change, for most anyway. I believe gone will be the days when brides will take a large entourage to three shops in one day to try and find their gown. With social distancing and limited number of guests I believe brides will now want to go to a boutique where they feel comfortable, special and where they have plenty of choice instead of trawling from shop to shop.

I’ve always believed this to be true but due to current circumstances it’s certainly going to be the safest thing to do!

When you go and look for a gown for a special occasion you rarely put pressure on yourself and most do not take lots of people to help you. I don’t know about you but often I go to a few shops or order things off the internet then end up going back to the first place to get what I want! It’s often proves the same with a wedding gown.

Finding your gown should be a joyous occasion and certainly not stressful and not something that should leave you thinking “I’m never going to find it!!!” When brides come to me and they are saying these words and feeling bamboozled and flustered I can guarantee they’ve been to at least two other boutiques and are overwhelmed and are suffering from what I refer to as “Ivory Blindness”.

At Treasured Brides you will have a wonderful experience but not only that you will be 100% confident with any decision you make, no one gets confused or feels overpowered. You will feel enlightened, empowered and in charge!!!

When you’ve “said Yes to your dress” then you won’t keep looking. No one ever says “let’s go looking round some more wedding dress boutiques to see if I can find another gown”. I always say it’s like your venue when you’ve chosen it you don’t keep looking!!!

So if you’d like to book your no obligation Zoom appointment then please do give me a call 01904 862144 or email me [email protected] or find me on Facebook or Instagram (do you remember when you could only call someone??!!) I look forward to it. Xxx

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As my boutique is not reopening until the 11th July I decided to zoom all my appointments so they have met me “virtually” we’ve had a chat about them, their lovely wedding...
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