“Who do I take with me to find “The One”!!!…”

Who do I take with me to find “The One”!!! This can be a toughy!!!

This question can fill some with complete dread and fear whereas others know for sure who they want/need to share their experience with.

You may know straight away who you’d want to take, for many it’s a complete no brainier. A mum, dad, best friend, bridesmaids etc but for some it can be a heart wrenching decision, a choice between family, friends and in laws and questions of “should I ask so and so? Will so and so expect me to ask them?” “Should I be asking the mother in law?” Etc etc

I have had many Brides that have wanted someone there that is very special to them but sadly they have passed away. This can be so sad for a bride. The appointment has a pink sparkly fog of sadness that someone is missing and tears are usually abundant (from me included!) There’s always extra fizz for these appointments.

I always tell my Brides you can come on your own or with whomever you feel you’d like to bring. Some brides see dress shopping as a weekly Saturday event (see previous post) and like to take the same or different groups of friends and family members with them. Loving to hear everyone’s advice and opinions and “oooos and ahhhhhs” as they reveal themselves in yet another gorgeous gowns. From experience this kind of shopping just confuses them and causes what I like to call “Ivory Blindness” every dress ends up looking the same. And ends up with conversations of “I like the top of the fourth dress in the second shop with the skirt of the 9th dress in the 8th shop!!” =total confusion!

My main advice I give to every Bride when they book with me……. Take the person/ people’s opinions you really care about and that’s it! If you feel you need to go to more than one shop ALWAYS take the same people. This means you’ve all seen everything and experienced the brides and each other’s reactions.

The experience should be fun and one you should remember for your whole life so only give the honour of an invitation to those who genuinely will make the experience more memorable, not ones that are going to leave you in the changing room with tears in your eyes (I’ve had this many times) and regrets of inviting them!!

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