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***Zoom Appointments Being Made***

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Times are really tough at the moment for everyone. The toughness varies completely from person to person, situation to situation.

However I know there are so many of you out there that are using or wanting to use this time to do research into different aspects of your big day the you have historically or are newly planning!!!

As my boutique is not reopening until the 11th July I decided to zoom all my appointments so they have met me “virtually” we’ve had a chat about them, their lovely wedding (I love to know all the details!!), how they met their partner and lastly (usually) about the kind of dress they think they’d like. We are all finding this so useful and by the time we have finished we feel like friends and we can not wait for their appointment. It’s been soooo lovely.

I’m having to change things and this is just adding something more special to their experience with me and Treasure Brides. The internet is a fabulous tool to use to find suppliers from stationery to cakes and cars to entertainment and everything in between.

When it comes to finding your wedding dress I truly believe the experience you receive should be an unforgettable and memorable one (for all the right reasons!!)

I’ve been receiving lots of calls and emails and plenty of appointments are being booked. I know many of you are desperate to find your gown, some due to the fact you’re getting married later this year (fingers crossed) but for others, it’s something important you want to tick off your list.

Due to Covid I think shopping for a gown will change, for most anyway. I believe gone will be the days when brides will take a large entourage to three shops in one day to try and find their gown. With social distancing and limited number of guests I believe brides will now want to go to a boutique where they feel comfortable, special and where they have plenty of choice instead of trawling from shop to shop.

I’ve always believed this to be true but due to current circumstances it’s certainly going to be the safest thing to do!

When you go and look for a gown for a special occasion you rarely put pressure on yourself and most do not take lots of people to help you. I don’t know about you but often I go to a few shops or order things off the internet then end up going back to the first place to get what I want! It’s often proves the same with a wedding gown.

Finding your gown should be a joyous occasion and certainly not stressful and not something that should leave you thinking “I’m never going to find it!!!” When brides come to me and they are saying these words and feeling bamboozled and flustered I can guarantee they’ve been to at least two other boutiques and are overwhelmed and are suffering from what I refer to as “Ivory Blindness”.

At Treasured Brides you will have a wonderful experience but not only that you will be 100% confident with any decision you make, no one gets confused or feels overpowered. You will feel enlightened, empowered and in charge!!!

When you’ve “said Yes to your dress” then you won’t keep looking. No one ever says “let’s go looking round some more wedding dress boutiques to see if I can find another gown”. I always say it’s like your venue when you’ve chosen it you don’t keep looking!!!

So if you’d like to book your no obligation Zoom appointment then please do give me a call 01904 862144 or email me [email protected] or find me on Facebook or Instagram (do you remember when you could only call someone??!!) I look forward to it. Xxx

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***Zoom Appointments Being Made***

May 31st, 2020|Comments Off on ***Zoom Appointments Being Made***

As my boutique is not reopening until the 11th July I decided to zoom all my appointments so they have met me “virtually” we’ve had a chat about them, their lovely wedding...
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Exciting News!! New Bridal Gowns

May 23rd, 2020|Comments Off on Exciting News!! New Bridal Gowns

"New Bridal Gowns from Richards Designs...
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Covid-19 Update

April 2nd, 2020|Comments Off on Covid-19 Update

"Covid-19!!!! Move we have plans and wedding dreams!
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Our Chosen Suppliers

Exciting News!! New Bridal Gowns

We have an amazing designer arriving at Treasured Brides in July. It’s the perfect time for when we reopen our doors on 11th July!!!

“All New Wedding Gowns”

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19!!!! Move we have plans and wedding dreams!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, what is happening in the world at the moment? It seems so surreal doesn’t it. Literally 2 weeks ago we were walking around without any real serious worries. Certainly not really concerned about what this funny virus whom name relates more to a popular beverage had with a juicy slice of lime on a summer’s evening, CORONA!!!

I know I was full of bridal appointments 2 weeks ago. Lots of excited brides were coming in with their friends and families full of stories about their big day. I love hearing all the amazing ideas, plans, worries and issues along with the ideas of their perfect gown and the excitedness of finding their perfect gown!

My busiest months were in front of me. The dresses were all steamed and looking gorgeous, the Boutique had been moved around so everything was fresh, accessorises cupboard was full of all things sparkly and the fizz was in the fridge. I was ready for an amazing season and excited for meeting so many new brides and their guests and giving them the best experience.

Then all of a sudden everything has been put on hold. Like your big day possibly! But it is just that-on hold!! Not not happening, just not happening at the moment. It’s so hard when you have something so exciting that is around the corner but frustrating when you can not finalise plans as so much seems up in the air.

Me and you are in the same boat and I feel for every single one of you. We have plans and dreams and we are going to achieve them. At the moment things aren’t necessarily moving as fast as we’d like and we are completely not in control and we just have to wait.

We have to remember this will all blow over and we will come through it. My beautiful boutique will be there waiting to show you all the stunning gowns and can not wait to help you find your perfect gown. And your wedding will still be in the planning. It may not be exactly what you were planing. You may not have as many guests as you planned and it may not be on the initial date you had but it will happen, I promise.

Together we are going to get through this and I’m soooooo excited about the future.

See you soon

Zoe xxxx

Happy Birthday Treasured Brides

“We love to celebrate…”

4 years ago today I took an exciting leap of faith and opened Treasured Brides. There have been tears of sadnesses along the way but mainly tears of joy!!! I’m so happy to of met copious amounts of truly wonderful people I genuinely feel extremely lucky. I look forward to the next year and all that comes with it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Xxx

York Marriott Hotel – Bridal Sale

Looking Forward to THe Ultimate Bridal Sale…

Congratulations, your engaged!!!!

I’ve been so excited this week as so many of you lovelies have received marriage proposals over the Christmas and New Year period.

I’ve been overwhelmed by how many bookings I’ve received over the last couple of days and the next three months are looking super busy (don’t worry still have some appointments left!!)

Finding your perfect gown should be a super, special, memorable experience. It should be one you’ll treasure!!!

Regardless of your budget you should feel like a princess and should be brimming with confidence that you have made the right choice.

When you find a dress at Treasured Brides it’s a wonderful experience from start to finish. It doesn’t stop when you find your gown, we have an in house seamstress to help with any tweaks of your gown to insure the perfect fit. We look after your dress and keep it safe until your ready to collect it the week of the wedding, all steamed and ready for your special day.

When choosing places to visit when looking for your gowns please make sure you add Treasured Brides to your list you’ll be so happy you did!! Xx

Wedding Gown Sale

“Make an offer, wedding gown sample sale…HUGE savings ***LAST REMAINING SAMPLE SALE GOWNS*** all £350!!!!!!”

Any questions please let us know…

Please prove you are human by selecting the Tree.

Wedding Dress – Sale Monday 15th-Saturday 19th January

Trunk Sale Monday 15th-Saturday 19th January. Lucky to have 18 extra stunning gowns in the Boutique from Essense Of Australia and Romantica of Devon. If your a bride between size 8-14 then book an appointment to come and view these beautiful gowns!!!! 07753740057

“Don’t Miss Out…Get in Touch If You Have Any Questions”

Who do I take with me to find “The One”!!!

“Who do I take with me to find “The One”!!!…”

Who do I take with me to find “The One”!!! This can be a toughy!!!

This question can fill some with complete dread and fear whereas others know for sure who they want/need to share their experience with.

You may know straight away who you’d want to take, for many it’s a complete no brainier. A mum, dad, best friend, bridesmaids etc but for some it can be a heart wrenching decision, a choice between family, friends and in laws and questions of “should I ask so and so? Will so and so expect me to ask them?” “Should I be asking the mother in law?” Etc etc

I have had many Brides that have wanted someone there that is very special to them but sadly they have passed away. This can be so sad for a bride. The appointment has a pink sparkly fog of sadness that someone is missing and tears are usually abundant (from me included!) There’s always extra fizz for these appointments.

I always tell my Brides you can come on your own or with whomever you feel you’d like to bring. Some brides see dress shopping as a weekly Saturday event (see previous post) and like to take the same or different groups of friends and family members with them. Loving to hear everyone’s advice and opinions and “oooos and ahhhhhs” as they reveal themselves in yet another gorgeous gowns. From experience this kind of shopping just confuses them and causes what I like to call “Ivory Blindness” every dress ends up looking the same. And ends up with conversations of “I like the top of the fourth dress in the second shop with the skirt of the 9th dress in the 8th shop!!” =total confusion!

My main advice I give to every Bride when they book with me……. Take the person/ people’s opinions you really care about and that’s it! If you feel you need to go to more than one shop ALWAYS take the same people. This means you’ve all seen everything and experienced the brides and each other’s reactions.

The experience should be fun and one you should remember for your whole life so only give the honour of an invitation to those who genuinely will make the experience more memorable, not ones that are going to leave you in the changing room with tears in your eyes (I’ve had this many times) and regrets of inviting them!!

Next Blog-Choosing where to go

Wedding Gowns Journey “The Beginning”

“”Start of your wedding journey”…”

Congratulations you’ve been proposed too, was it a complete surprise or had you dropped massive bombshell hints and already chosen your own ring? Are you childhood sweethearts, met at work and been together years or dare I say it, like me and my husband met on the WWW!

Regardless of where you met or how long you’ve been together you now have a wedding to plan!! By the time the majority of Brides come to me to find their gown they have booked the Venue and often the photographer, gown shopping is usually, but not always the third item on the long list of other requirements.

However, I often tell the story to my Brides that it’s never to early to look for their dress, I myself bought mine before my boyfriend, now hubby even proposed!!!! Dresses, Frocks, outfit or how I like to call them, Gowns-the item you will wear when you walk towards the person your committing to spending your life with. This decision can be soooo hard and many

Brides spend weeks if not months of Saturdays trailing different shops with often between 1 and 12 willing volunteers in tow to help (using this word quite loosely in many cases and will explain in my next blog!!).

For some this experience of seeing two to three different shops on 3 or 4 consecutive Saturdays can be really enjoyable. The chance to try on hundreds of dresses by different designers and at price tags that are not achievable can seem very inviting to a few.

Although the above really isn’t the norm, nonetheless it happens. In my experience the main criteria a Bride would like is whilst looking for a gown is to be made to feel comfortable, happy, special and relaxed with the main aim of finding “That One Dress” that makes them feel so special and provides them with the feeling they want to have on their big day. The above scenario of month long shopping experiences will never conjure up what I have described.

I remember going with my friends when I was probably 18/19 with a cheap ring on my left hand pretending I was getting married just so I could experience what it was like to wear a wedding dress (please tell me I wasn’t the only one!!!) but that was just playing at it, not really caring if I found one or not! By the time your engaged and your starting the dress finding journey it’s not a game and an experience that should be truly special and one to be remembered. You should be treated like a princess and nothing less. You do not need to go into lots of Boutiques to experience this, just one good one!!

Next blog- Who do I take to find my wedding gown??

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