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Are you a Treasured Bride?

Happy New Year!!! Welcome to 2024!

So, to start with I just want to say I’m already so positive this year is going to be a GREAT year, not just a great but a GREAT year for me personally and for my beautiful Bridal Boutique, Treasured Brides.
I know this to be true as my lucky number is 44, so I feel even if its just a 4 then that must mean I’m in for some amazing successes and achievements, right?

I’ve already written some goals for myself of things Id like to achieve like spending more time with people I care about, taking longer daily walks with my doggy (even in the rain!!), achieving some sort of challenge be that a climb, a walk (not run!!), do some things for charity. Id love to go back to Uni but I know there’s no way there’s time for that in my life, so I haven’t even put that down!!

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As for my lovely Business, I’d like to keep building it and meeting lots of wonderful new brides whilst continuing to care for my historic brides, but I must be honest I really do not want it to be too big. I am ambitious but my ambition is to keep doing what I’m doing and making so many lovely ladies so happy. I have a lovely Husband and two gorgeous boys (and a dog and a cat) and to me a work/life balance is so important.

I really do not want to get to the point where the balance shifts (which it easily could as I love meeting my brides) and I don’t want to have to take on staff to help me run the boutique. To me I’ve always wanted it to be ME that meets with every bride and helps them to find their dream gown. I feel its only me that can guarantee you get the experience that I shout about as it’s my business. For me my primary focus is to keep continuing to attract the right brides, my brides, Treasured Brides. Brides who value a truly unique and personal experience. Brides who really care about the service they receive especially at such a special moment in their lives. Brides who care about having the experience they wanted but thought they may not get and are so grateful.

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So, who is a Treasured Bride? You may be asking.
A Treasured Bride is someone that really is lovely, caring and kind. She’s someone that’s confident but also sometimes not confident, she’s not someone who thinks she’s the bees’ knees or thinks she absolutely amazing at and in everything, she’s the person whose friends think she’s wonderful and she genuinely cares and loves those around her, she’s the person that may come on her own but will more often want to bring some very special guests with her, she’s not someone that wants to bring 10 friends and spend 3 Saturdays going to 3 different shops on each day (her time is more precious than that). She often says she’s indecisive but then is shocked by how easy it was to find her gown with me at Treasured Brides, she usually likes dogs and prosecco or at least one of the two or very very occasionally neither but only due to allergies!!! One thing my brides are not are BRIDEZILLAS (well I may have had 1 in 8 years but that’s pretty good I think!!). I’m not saying they don’t get a bit harassed through the wedding planning journey but when it comes to finding the dress with me, we are a Zero stress zone. She’s someone who knows herself and trusts her own opinions but also values and treasures the opinions of those around her, she’s someone who’s marrying the love of her life and the main thing she’s looking forward to on the day is saying “I DO”. She’s someone who doesn’t want her gown to take over her, she doesn’t want to be playing dress up or hiding away, she wants to feel like herself and comfortable in her own skin and her new gown is simply like her second, stunning skin, perfect for such a special occasion!!

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I know a lot of emphasis nowadays can be put on the success of something is in numbers, how many people work in the business, how many followers do you have on your socials, how many bridal appointments do I have, how many other bridal boutiques are near me etc etc. I just want to continue to attract my type of Bride and give them the most wonderful experience EVER which ultimately leads to them finding their dream gown. I work very hard to make sure my socials, my website, when I meet you at a wedding fair, any emails or messages you get from me are all coherent with each other. Savvy brides nowadays tend to research where they want to visit and I’m pretty sure that most brides walk through my door and they get what they expected, a lady whose super happy with a big smile whose genuinely excited that puts you at ease straight away.

Please be prepared for a hug when you leave, I am a hugger!!!

So, if you think you’re a Treasured Brides then I think you’ve found your safe space here. I look forward to meeting you all very soon.

Zoe xxx

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