How many people can I bring to my appointment?

I must be asked at least three times a day!!!!! When brides contact me to discuss their appointment I think it’s one of the most popular things that is asked about before or after they have booked. 

My answer is the Bride plus 3 (I occasionally will do 4 but will depend on the relationship to the Bride). For most people they are more than happy with this. 

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Occasionally a bride may say “but I wanted to bring 4,5,6,7+” this is usually as they have more than 2 Bridesmaids and understandable they can’t choose between them. When you have a group of special friends as well as your family, your initial feeling may be that you WANT to bring everyone or you may feel you HAVE to bring everyone. Bringing everyone tends to be a recipe for disaster. 

The bridal shopping part of your Wedding Planning for some is the most exciting bit. Many have spend lots of happy moments thinking about it and have invested hours upon hours researching and pinning and boarding etc etc. For many it’s the bit they have put off right to the end and are nervous about!!!! 

Your experience of finding your dress should be a super special and memorable one. I don’t think that means you need to go to lots of shops, you just need to choose the right shops for you. Also, and I think most importantly you have to take the right people with you. Those that you trust and that will ultimately help you with your decision and be supportive. 

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Most brides that come to me at Treasured Brides come as they would like to find their dress on that day. Having too many opinions can be awkward and upsetting for a bride and often will leave them feeling confused, upset and sadly not feeling like they can choose their Dream Gown on the day. 

I tend to find my Brides do not want to feel like they are in an episode of “Say Yes To The Dress”, bringing more than 3 guests can easily lead to this feeling. 

It’s so hard when many families are often not a traditional family unit. You may have Mum, stepmum, maybe your own children,siblings, half siblings, step siblings, Grandparents, Aunties, cousins, friends, Made Of Honour and that’s before you even think about your Bridesmaids. 

This time is really not a time you should be trying to please absolutely everyone around you. This is a time when you need to be a little bit selfish and think about what’s going to help you and more about who’s going to help you the most? Would having 4+ people really help you make your choice? In some cases it may well be that is would but through experience I can tell you it usually ends up in a confused mess!

I think one of the loveliest images you can get on the day is the Big Reveal!!! Traditionally the reveal has always been saved for the Dad. That special moment when your dad (stepdad, Uncle,friend etc) sees you for the first time, captured forever for you to reminisce about. What’s becoming more popular is The Bridemaids reveal and I absolutely love it. Seeing your wonderful girls, your ride or dies, your tribe, those that are often closer to you than some of your family and know more about you than your fiance!!! The first moment when they see you in your gown is so so special. Seeing their lovely friend that they have shared so many memories with as a beautiful bride is a moment they’ll never have again (hopefully!). Having the opportunity to capture this is priceless and one your unable to get if they’ve seen you in your gown already. 

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Being able to bring them to choose your gown with you could be a nice opportunity but usually it’s not and is it really necessary? It’s a moment you can share with just 1 ,2 or 3 of the closest people to you in the world. You and they can then have that moments then you know your planning another moment saved especially just for your Bridesmaids, The Big Reveal!!! You can all then cherish this memory. 

I understand having to tell your wonderful girls that your unable to have them to your appointment maybe difficult but they are your friends. I’m sure when you tell them that you want to save the moment of them seeing you for the first time as a bride to the actually day they will see why. When you tell them that you want to capture their reaction to seeing you in a way they have never seen you before they will understand and will be excited about it too. 

If you can only take 3 guests or less please don’t see that as a bad thing just think that you’ll get more from your appointment and your then planning to capture a wonderful moment in the future. 

Good luck and maybe I’ll see you (and your 3 guests) in Treasured Brides soon x

Hope to see you soon. 

Zoe Cornwell

Treasured Brides

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Photography by Hannah Brooke Photography