What should you consider When Choosing a Wedding Theme for your Big Day?

Congratulations, you’re getting married!! You may have it all planned down to the final tiny getail, but then I doubt you’d be reading this blog!!!! The main thing is to try not to get to stressed about your plans and try not to get to tied up in all the tiny details and remember WHY you’re getting married!! As important as it is as to how the napkins will be tied and which side of the plate the name cards will be placed, the only real thing that matters is that you are marrying you’re soulmate and you have a wonderful day to share with your nearest and dearest.

“Some of the main elements to think about are below to help you plan your perfect theme for your perfect day: …”

1.Personal preference

What do you and your partner like? Is there a wedding theme you’ve dreamt about since you were little? Do you read wedding magazines, watch films with weddings and even go to friend’s weddings and are drawn to certain styles? Have a chat about what you both like or are drawn too.


You may want to tie your theme into the time of year. You may of chosen you’re favourite time of year to get married due to you liking the weather, colours or annual events that take place around your date. Pastels work well for spring weddings; bright colours are perfect if you’re having a summer do and browns and oranges look amazing for Autumn.


If you’ve chosen your venue, it will automatically bring an element of a theme.  It may be a barn so is likely to have a rustic theme associated with it.  It may be a 5* Hotel or grand castle so will have an element of grandeur about it, or it may be an ancient building so you may want to involve the architecture or history that surrounds it.  Have a think about your venue and what it encompasses to you both.


Really think about your budget before you get started be realistic and honest with yourselves and each other!!! Its so easy to get carried away and before you know it you’ve blown the budget and the planning process turns into a very unpleasant nightmare.  If someone else is helping you, partly or fully then sit down and get a figure from them. Its so hard to have to keep going back and asking for more so your better to know where you stand before you start.

These are just the main things to think about, there are obviously more but thinking about the elements above will help you plan the most perfect theme for your big day.