Gone are the days when white was the only option for your wedding dress!!! Nowadays white is one of the least favourable choices. Often due to the meaning of getting married in Virgin White.

“Brides opt for Ivory. So have a look at the dresses below and message me to let me know your thoughts [email protected] Would you take the risk of wearing something that is such a break from the norm!!! Florals maybe in now but will you regret it when you look at your wedding album in 10 years time? “

When brides think of their big day when their growing up do floral prints or coloured gowns ever come into the equation, probably not. Is the big white gown our dream as it’s a style of gown we have never worn before!! I’m unsure as to even stock these in my Boutique.

Will Brides want to satisfy their curiosity but then fall in love with a more traditional style?? I think this is the question…..”Is your Wedding Day about keeping up with trends and fashion or is it about sticking with your own style??!