Covid-19!!!! Move we have plans and wedding dreams!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, what is happening in the world at the moment? It seems so surreal doesn’t it. Literally 2 weeks ago we were walking around without any real serious worries. Certainly not really concerned about what this funny virus whom name relates more to a popular beverage had with a juicy slice of lime on a summer’s evening, CORONA!!!

I know I was full of bridal appointments 2 weeks ago. Lots of excited brides were coming in with their friends and families full of stories about their big day. I love hearing all the amazing ideas, plans, worries and issues along with the ideas of their perfect gown and the excitedness of finding their perfect gown!

My busiest months were in front of me. The dresses were all steamed and looking gorgeous, the Boutique had been moved around so everything was fresh, accessorises cupboard was full of all things sparkly and the fizz was in the fridge. I was ready for an amazing season and excited for meeting so many new brides and their guests and giving them the best experience.

Then all of a sudden everything has been put on hold. Like your big day possibly! But it is just that-on hold!! Not not happening, just not happening at the moment. It’s so hard when you have something so exciting that is around the corner but frustrating when you can not finalise plans as so much seems up in the air.

Me and you are in the same boat and I feel for every single one of you. We have plans and dreams and we are going to achieve them. At the moment things aren’t necessarily moving as fast as we’d like and we are completely not in control and we just have to wait.

We have to remember this will all blow over and we will come through it. My beautiful boutique will be there waiting to show you all the stunning gowns and can not wait to help you find your perfect gown. And your wedding will still be in the planning. It may not be exactly what you were planing. You may not have as many guests as you planned and it may not be on the initial date you had but it will happen, I promise.

Together we are going to get through this and I’m soooooo excited about the future.

See you soon

Zoe xxxx