“”Start of your wedding journey”…”

Congratulations you’ve been proposed too, was it a complete surprise or had you dropped massive bombshell hints and already chosen your own ring? Are you childhood sweethearts, met at work and been together years or dare I say it, like me and my husband met on the WWW!

Regardless of where you met or how long you’ve been together you now have a wedding to plan!! By the time the majority of Brides come to me to find their gown they have booked the Venue and often the photographer, gown shopping is usually, but not always the third item on the long list of other requirements.

However, I often tell the story to my Brides that it’s never to early to look for their dress, I myself bought mine before my boyfriend, now hubby even proposed!!!! Dresses, Frocks, outfit or how I like to call them, Gowns-the item you will wear when you walk towards the person your committing to spending your life with. This decision can be soooo hard and many

Brides spend weeks if not months of Saturdays trailing different shops with often between 1 and 12 willing volunteers in tow to help (using this word quite loosely in many cases and will explain in my next blog!!).

For some this experience of seeing two to three different shops on 3 or 4 consecutive Saturdays can be really enjoyable. The chance to try on hundreds of dresses by different designers and at price tags that are not achievable can seem very inviting to a few.

Although the above really isn’t the norm, nonetheless it happens. In my experience the main criteria a Bride would like is whilst looking for a gown is to be made to feel comfortable, happy, special and relaxed with the main aim of finding “That One Dress” that makes them feel so special and provides them with the feeling they want to have on their big day. The above scenario of month long shopping experiences will never conjure up what I have described.

I remember going with my friends when I was probably 18/19 with a cheap ring on my left hand pretending I was getting married just so I could experience what it was like to wear a wedding dress (please tell me I wasn’t the only one!!!) but that was just playing at it, not really caring if I found one or not! By the time your engaged and your starting the dress finding journey it’s not a game and an experience that should be truly special and one to be remembered. You should be treated like a princess and nothing less. You do not need to go into lots of Boutiques to experience this, just one good one!!

Next blog- Who do I take to find my wedding gown??