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Dress shopping and how to get the perfect result!!

Shopping for your Wedding gown can conjure up a whole mixture of emotions before, during and after the event. Sometimes wedding dress shopping can become a family and friends event. Spread over three or four weekends it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, lost and ready to give up on all prospects of finding “The One” dress to go with “The One Man” you’ve already found. Sometimes you may be left feeling like finding the perfect man was nothing compared to the mean feat of finding that special frock your going to spend one of the most important days of your life in!!!

“So a few bits of advice from a Bridal Boutique Owner…”

1. Most importantly you need to make sure you try on all silhouettes so you can find the shape you feel most comfortable in. Be prepared that it may not be the shape that you have been holding on to in your dreams or not the one you have poured over in all the magazines you have been ploughing through at every opportunity since the day after you got engaged. Be open to all options!!

2. You do not need to visit lots and lots of different boutiques this can often lead to confusion and ivory blindness. You’ll have many conversations of “you know the skirt of the third dress from the second shop and the top from the sixth dress in the eighth dress!!!” Honestly, save yourself the time and hassle!!

3. You need to enjoy the shopping experience, you need to be made to feel special, not rushed, thoroughly advised but not pressured, given clear guidelines about time frames and costs and informed about services the Boutique offers. Feel likes it’s somewhere you’ll look forward to coming, as the first visit is just the beginning. Fittings will often happy at the Boutique so you have to love being there.

4. If you do feel the need to go to more than one Boutique, take the same people’s opinions that truly matter to you and take the same ones to any trying on session you go too. Very often one person feels you’ve found “The One” in one shop then someone else is positive you’ve found “The One” in another shop leaving you utterly confused!! We watch this Bridal Programmes and feel it’s imperative you have to bring at least ten people with you! Bring whoever and how many you’d like it’s up to you but only bring the people who’s opinions matter.

Often Brides feel disappointed and short changed if they fall in love with a dress from the first Boutique, don’t be!!! If you’ve tried on all the silhouettes and you’ve fallen in love with one. If you’ve found the colour that suits your skin tone and the material that makes you feel like a princess then trust your judgement and believe it’s “The One”. The real secret of knowing is when you swish and sway in it and you really don’t want to take it off, then you know, that’s it, you’ve found it!!!

Wedding dress silhouette

The style or silhouette of your wedding dress is the first thing to consider. As a general rule, the slimmer the gown, the longer the veil. For example, a slinky figure-hugging wedding dress with a short train looks fabulous with a long, chapel length veil.

There are so many different lengths, tier choices, fabrics, embellishments, colours to think about its best to try lots of options.

our hairstyle The way you plan to wear your hair on your wedding day will also affect the style of veil you choose. Generally speaking, your hairstyle should compliment your gown. Some veils are designed to be worn high on the head, thus your hairstyle needs to accommodate this. For example, with a down hairstyle, you should wear the veil higher on your head so that it doesn’t fall out.

It is recommended to have a section of your hair up, so that the veil can be anchored on to it. You need to do this, otherwise the veil has insufficient hair to hold on to and can slip out of your hair. Alternatively, if you are having an up hairstyle, position the veil at the top of your up-do, or under the up-do, depending on the look you prefer.

Coloured and Printed dresses

Gone are the days when white was the only option for your wedding dress!!! Nowadays white is one of the least favourable choices. Often due to the meaning of getting married in Virgin White.

“Brides opt for Ivory. So have a look at the dresses below and message me to let me know your thoughts [email protected] Would you take the risk of wearing something that is such a break from the norm!!! Florals maybe in now but will you regret it when you look at your wedding album in 10 years time? “

When brides think of their big day when their growing up do floral prints or coloured gowns ever come into the equation, probably not. Is the big white gown our dream as it’s a style of gown we have never worn before!! I’m unsure as to even stock these in my Boutique.

Will Brides want to satisfy their curiosity but then fall in love with a more traditional style?? I think this is the question…..”Is your Wedding Day about keeping up with trends and fashion or is it about sticking with your own style??!

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